Why are we doing this?

Over the next several weeks, you will hear from those opposed to this recall effort. They will tell you that the cost of a recall election is too expensive and not based on facts. If so many of us didn’t feel so strongly about what we are doing, we wouldn’t be doing it. The Frederick Recall group has spent a great deal of time and efforts to not only get our petitions approved, but to also educate the public about what is happening in our Town of Frederick. We will only report the facts and will continue to provide you with the reasons why this recall effort is happening and gaining momentum.

The budget deficit is a fact. The Town of Frederick’s own finance director spelled out the details of our deficit in December 2016. This information is available at the Reasons for Recall Page The bigger question to ask yourself is this – “Is spending $5.6 Million more than the $21.2 Million allocated to the budget fiscally responsible?” Put into percentage terms – Is spending over 25% more than what you take in a good idea?

What is too expensive? A $10,000 – $13,000 recall effort, or a $5.6 Million deficit? We will let the voters decide. Stay tuned as more facts are highlighted in future posts.

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