Reasons for Recall

The Budget

The Town of Frederick believes that a $5.6 Million operating deficit is acceptable for 2017.  Furthermore, this will be the third year in a row that deficit spending has occurred.  The town is expecting a $5,657,313.00 DEFICIT for 2017.  Instead of trimming expenses, the fiscally irresponsible method will be to raid the reserve fund once again.  This will be the third year in a row the reserve funds have been depleted to “balance” the budget.  A one-page synopsis of the 2017 budget is below.
2017 Budget Overview

Our math is 100% correct.  Following is a clip from Budget Director McCoy as she references the $5,657,313.00 deficit for 2017 during the December 13, 2016 budget presentation.  What does this deficit mean to the taxpayers of the Town of Frederick???   More than likely, an increase in our taxes will need to occur to cover the deficit.


After several attempts to stop the Sonic Drive-In from being built less than 50 feet away from residences in the Town of Frederick, a group of residents filed a Complaint in District Court to stop this development.  The grounds for filing the lawsuit are detailed in the attached District Court Complaint.

Town of Frederick Complaint v3

The Bottom Line

The residents of the Town of Frederick are losing their voice and are being forced to watch the Mayor and two Trustees steer the town down an irresponsible financial path.  The spending is out of control and we need to tell our leaders it has to stop now!

The lack of regard for zoning law which only benefits out of town developers and places the burden on the tax paying citizens has to stop now.  We need your help!  Get involved by gathering signatures on a recall petition.  Get involved by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors.  Without your support, it will be business as usual at the Town of Frederick.  If we don’t stop the Mayor and Trustee’s, we will completely lose our voice.