Who Authorized the United Power Encroachment?

Fifteen days has lapsed and United Power has not offered any updates regarding the Town of Frederick electricity encroachment. When the taxpayers money is going to be spent on infrastructure improvements, these expenditures MUST be approved by the Town Board of Trustees. After an in-depth review of previous Board of Trustees Resolutions and Minutes from past meetings, there is no record of the board approving this encroachment. Who approved this spending at the Town of Frederick? It is time to demand answers and accountability at the Town of Frederick.

Initial Determination of Sufficiency of Signatures

An initial determination of sufficiency for the recall signatures was recently provided by the Town of Frederick Clerk’s office. In summary, we collected 317 valid signatures for the recall of Trustee Hudziak – a minimum of 147 valid signatures were required. We collected 319 valid signatures for the recall of Trustee Skates – a minimum of 147 valid signatures were required. Last, but not least, we collected 318 valid signatures for the recall of Mayor Carey – a minimum of 146 valid signatures were required.

A final determination of sufficiency will be provided once the protest period has lapsed. Stay tuned as we will provide another update around May 12th.

United Power

It seems the Town of Frederick is being accused of breaching an agreement with United Power by illegally building into an area of the town that is served by United Power. The Board of Trustees went into Executive Session at the April 25th board meeting. Since executive sessions are done “behind closed doors”, we can only assume that part of their discussion involved a letter that United Power sent to the Town of Frederick on April 21st. A link to United Power’s press release is below:

Town of Frederick Utility Illegally Builds into United Power Territory

Who is going to take responsibility for the town potentially breaking State of Colorado Statute? Who is going to pay for this? Once again, add it to the budget deficit because the taxpayers will be on the hook to cover this.

I was Against the Recall Before I was For It

It seems there is a new group being led by Mike Schiers that is attempting to recall two different Frederick Board of Trustees now. Yes, this is the same Mike Schiers that did not get enough votes to win the Board of Trustees election back in 2016, so he is going after the two Trustees that did beat him. Maybe he wants to run for the board again? And yes, this is the same Mike Schiers that stated he was against the recall effort only a couple of months ago. Now he is for the recall. What has changed? Is someone pulling his strings and using Mike to do their dirty work for him? Interesting times in the Town of Frederick.

The bottom line is this – Please make sure you read the recall petition carefully and ensure the petition states the recall is for Trustee Hudziak, Trustee Skates, and Mayor Carey.

And if you see a “No Recall” supporter, ask them if they are still against the recall.

Why are we doing this?

Over the next several weeks, you will hear from those opposed to this recall effort. They will tell you that the cost of a recall election is too expensive and not based on facts. If so many of us didn’t feel so strongly about what we are doing, we wouldn’t be doing it. The Frederick Recall group has spent a great deal of time and efforts to not only get our petitions approved, but to also educate the public about what is happening in our Town of Frederick. We will only report the facts and will continue to provide you with the reasons why this recall effort is happening and gaining momentum.

The budget deficit is a fact. The Town of Frederick’s own finance director spelled out the details of our deficit in December 2016. This information is available at the Reasons for Recall Page The bigger question to ask yourself is this – “Is spending $5.6 Million more than the $21.2 Million allocated to the budget fiscally responsible?” Put into percentage terms – Is spending over 25% more than what you take in a good idea?

What is too expensive? A $10,000 – $13,000 recall effort, or a $5.6 Million deficit? We will let the voters decide. Stay tuned as more facts are highlighted in future posts.

Recall Petitions have been denied by the Town of Frederick

The Town of Frederick doesn’t seem to understand how to balance a budget, and they can’t seem to figure out how Zoning and Land Use laws work.  When it comes to Recall Petitions, though, they are apparently the experts.  Even after the residents of the Town of Frederick hired an experienced recall  attorney to file their recall petition, the town still found something wrong with the petitions.  Stand by while we sort this out….