I was Against the Recall Before I was For It

It seems there is a new group being led by Mike Schiers that is attempting to recall two different Frederick Board of Trustees now. Yes, this is the same Mike Schiers that did not get enough votes to win the Board of Trustees election back in 2016, so he is going after the two Trustees that did beat him. Maybe he wants to run for the board again? And yes, this is the same Mike Schiers that stated he was against the recall effort only a couple of months ago. Now he is for the recall. What has changed? Is someone pulling his strings and using Mike to do their dirty work for him? Interesting times in the Town of Frederick.

The bottom line is this – Please make sure you read the recall petition carefully and ensure the petition states the recall is for Trustee Hudziak, Trustee Skates, and Mayor Carey.

And if you see a “No Recall” supporter, ask them if they are still against the recall.

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