The case for the Recall of Mayor Carey, Trustee Hudziak, and Trustee Skates

These three local government leaders are plundering OUR tax money at an unconscionable rate that will undoubtedly place the Town of Frederick into a budget deficit. A budget deficit that will only be cured by one thing – a significant tax increase.

The 2017 town budget spells out plans for an increase in revenue by raising our taxes in 2019. See the attachment here 2017 - Planned Sales tax increase

The only way the town can sell its residents on a tax increase is to tell us we don’t have any money. We won’t have any money if they continue to squander any money being set aside in our reserve accounts.

We have pointed out the many issues that are at hand and the reasons for this recall election. You may or may not agree with the land use issues, or the use of their authority to increase their electric footprint. One thing is certain, the spending is completely out of hand. It is time our community comes together and demands accountability. It is time for a change and we are in favor of the recall of Mayor Carey, Trustee Hudziak, and Trustee Skates.

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