The Case for Electing David Adams to Replace Trustee Skates

David Adams for Frederick Trustee

Town of Frederick Voters,
I am running for the upcoming Frederick recall election for the position of Trustee (Fred Skates position). I decided to get involved after attending some of the past board meetings and witnessing the lack of transparency and public discussion to address citizens’ concerns on proposed projects. I am sure most are aware of these issues.
If elected my objectives would be:
• Help provide more transparency for public input into town projects.
• Abide by the zoning code that protects individuals and provides guidance for developers.
• Ensure adherence to governmental accounting standards for reporting budgets and operations.
• Work to develop planning for the type of town we want to have in the future.
My wife and I moved to Frederick 9 years ago because we were impressed with the community and would like to help keep it the pleasant place to live that it has been so far.
Although retired, my past experience includes 32 years as accounting manager or financial analyst for various companies. Responsibilities included capital investment analysis, sales and property taxes, and governmental reporting compliance. I ask for your vote for me for Trustee on September 5th.
Thank You,
David Adams

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