The Case for Electing Bruce Griffith to Replace Trustee Hudziak

Bruce Griffith for Frederick Trustee

I am Bruce Griffith and I am running for Frederick Trustee (Donna Hudziak position). There is an election scheduled for September 5th for all residents of Frederick. I sincerely hope that you will look at 2016 finance documents and the 2017 budget before you decide how you will vote. The recall is not about elected officials doing anything illegal, it is about deficits and issues that have resulted in lawsuits against the Town.
I would be a lot happier if reserves were kept in the bank to pay for expenses like flood repairs in 2013. One of the Trustees suggested that the reserves are currently too high and should be put to work for the Town. If it is going to work that way, can’t we find uses that are more beneficial to the people of the Town than Board retreats, long-distance conference trips, wayfinding signs . . . and lawsuits? Maybe something like fixing the streets or buying police equipment?
So what about growth? I am neither pro- nor anti-growth. It seems to me that we can attract the kind of profitable business and jobs into the area by making sure the Town is clean, in good repair and well kept, has inexpensive and reliable infrastructure, and low taxes. This seems much more important than putting up gateway monuments and wayfinding signs. I hear more about data communication problems than any other topic. Maybe we should spend more effort trying to find a free market solution to fix high-speed data and less effort on trying to fix an electric grid that doesn’t appear to be broken. I ask for your vote for me on September 5th.
Bruce Griffith
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